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December 11, 2006

eCommerce 2.0

Lukasz Gadowski Founder and CEO of Spreadshirt. User generated fashion is something that is an emerging field around these techologies. Integrated online merchandising is a real driver for the ecosystem.

Jérémie Berrebi Zlio.com. Anyone can create any store that they want. FR they have 1.2 million products on their catalog. 25000 shops in France already created - only in 3 months - and up to 500 new stores a day being built. (Interesting: Google coop allows you to create custom vertical search, lots of companies will let you create a blog, Zlio will let you build a store. Another amazing example of unbundling.) Google becomes very important in this mix because such specialist shops need to show up high in Google to help their merchants. They are announcing a big partnership with Google next week.
They are currently working only with big shops to build their catalog, but soon they will do an integration with eBay users to allow them to build a shop. They also want to work with partners like Shopping and Kerkoo.

Brent Hoberman lastminute.com. Brent is joining as Executive Chairman wayn.com. (think Trip Advisor 2.0) (Amusing, I should sue for identity theft.)

Bjorn Kvarby Shopping.com. They buy a lot of traffic from Google. Powering the portals is also a critical part of their business because they also drive a lot of traffic.

Overall, the stronger your brand the more direct traffic you have (lastminute) but also being driven from Google matters. In other words, you need both. And in the Google world of course you should have both paid and algo results.

Moderator comments on the evolution of Amazon becoming a back end systems provider.

Question from the audience: what is the weight of this in the broader scheme of things? One panellist replied 'Long Tail'. Another said we are new intermediaries ... and the number of Zlio shops that started in only 3 months are testament to this.

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