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December 07, 2010

Susan Wojcicki - SVP Product Management Google

Susan Wojcicki - SVP Product Management Google

4* increase yoy in number of searches, Admob doing more than a billion ad requests per day and has doubled since acquisition.

I think mobile is going to enable a lot of things with advertising "closing the loop" via check ins potentially. Mobile brings the opportunity to bring people not just to a site but to an actual store.

Question about how Google and Apple differ in their approach. We'd like to have everybody be an advertiser. Describes low friction approach for people to become advertisers.

Discussion about privacy, notion that markets can self-regulate and recent FCC points on this. "Google is ultimately a consumer brand - the things that we do our users are going to feel comfortable with." pointed out that they didn't use a cookie on AdSense until last year.
Re FCC: softball/managed answer "we'd need to see their specific plans"

Do consumers practically care about the exchange of private information in exchange for value? "I think they do care. They want the services and they want the advertising to be relevant."
Pushes on the point as to whether or not the consumers are really aware of eg ads in gmail leveraging the content of email. "if you are getting ads that a relevant to what you are looking for then it is all useful information."

You guys dominate search, the bigger you get you become a bigger target and it becomes harder for you t navigate politically. How much of that is in your head as you think about products? "it's a very competitive market. What are the right things for our users. As soon as we ar not generating as much revenue for publishers that's the moment they are going to go somewhere else." "we're always careful about privacy, users perception, advertiser effectiveness."

Growth: how has the culture changed over time? "google is a mUch bigger company. We have tried as much as possible to have a lot of different groups and to give them autonomy. In general they have their own P+L. Breaking into groups and giving them autonomy is how to make it run when it is big."

Question about retention, counter-offers: "it's good for the employees. Our employees are really valuable to us. Our employees are our business. google has beeb doing well as much as possible we try to keep our employees."

What's the come on for a new employee? "Google's scale. If you are Andy Rubin and you look at the scale he can operate now. If you make cool stuff and users want it, Google is an incredible platform."

Groupon: question about culture merge for acquisitions. "every deal is going to be different. YouTube runs more or les standalone, Doubleclick we integrated."

Product most excited about: "enabling mobile to close the loop, how can I find out the best local offers, as an advertiser how can I See if someone saw my ad and came into the store. How can Google crack the local market. About Groupon and the other offer companies, they have come up with smart models." Dodges a question about whether they are going to do this themselves or not.

Why is local so hard? "it's hard because it has to be really simple for the small businesses. Really easy for users to sign up and it has to perform. sales model is different. Can't just take the search model and just apply it to local."


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