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December 07, 2010

Mike McCue - Flipboard (Katie)

Mike McCue - Flipboard (Katie)

25 people in the studio, used to be an art gallery. "we love white space"

A digital magazine just for me on iPad - we call it a social magazine. Bring the aesthetics of print to social media. Inspiration: when I left TellMe and I met my cofounder Evan and we decided we wanted to have fun. Imagine if the web was washed away in a hurricane and you needed to build a totally new web from sratch what would you do differently. About 6 months into it the core ideas for flipboard hard started to come together.

Social media changes distribution and because of HTML5 and the iPad we can now make the online experience as beautiful as magazines.

Friends in Facebook I have found people who are incredibly interesting and who post stuff. Katie: Flipboard changes behavior because of the way it pulls stuff in automagically.

Web pages getting too crowded, ads not effective. Clipboard Pages are about the convergence of social media, HTML5 and the iPad. A web page that is reflowed into a new template to emulate the magazine experience.

DEMO - sites that have been reflowed into this format. Images placed to give images more dramatic power. Yu et to these pages by just double tapping on the article and you go to the new format.

Great for long form content, we put in magazine stayle full page ads. Currently nt making money during this experiment. We don't plan to charge for Flipboard itself just like you wouldn't pay for a browser. The opportunity for the publishers to have advertising that is a lot more effective similar to their economics in print. Like the experience of liking a fantastic ad in print (e.g. vogue). It'll probably the same advertisers that a publisher has a relationship with but a different ad unit. We mighty help with placement and targeting (sounds like he doesn't want to sell advertising"

The web is at a point in time where it needs a game changer it needs a face lift, a new approach to monetization. A very exciting time for publishers and the web. It is going through a metamorphosis right now.

Katie: you have taken away scrolling. Mike: scrolling was created with original computers and there was never a form factor like the iPad. What pagination does it that allows for designers to build beautiful content because the dimension is understood. There is a place for pagination especially long form journalism and other forms of long form content pagination is amazing.

Katie: how will publishers get to you, how would you scale. Mike: it is just HTML5. There is a templates for short form, long form, pict urea, portrait and landscape. W are keeping it small now to learn, some time next year we will open it up to anyone.

Katie: you are only on iPad right now, you have alienated a lot of users. Mike: the iPad has allowed us to open up the design possibilities. The iPad is a great device, great DEV environment, we see a lot of rounding out of the product that needs to happen. We have to prove out the concept from the user and publisher point of view. When the time is right we will go to other platforms and when we get there we will evaluate the specific platform and see how Flipboard will fit in to that platform. we are in the lab working on things like iPhone and not Android quite yet. Working on social network integration. Location - you could imagine a magazine about where you are at the moment. A location oriented magazine that is real time and up to date that still looks like a beautiful magazine.

Acquisition of the Ellerdale project. He and his team connected to the twitter firehouse and rss. There's too much stuff. There are too many social networks to check. More friends and more content from those friends and this is increasing exponentially. How do you make sense of all of this. That is what the Ellerdale guys have been working on.

Competitors: this is a very hot space, there are a lot of things happening. Pulse, Twitter clients, FB clients, doing iPad versions. There is a blending of these two worlds happening. As we move to a person-centric view, this is what is happening.

Video and rich media: imagine a video social network integrated into Flipboard. We need to keep pushing html5. One of the nice things about Flipboard is that there's not a lot of flashing and moving on the screen.


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