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July 01, 2009

Whingeing Poms

The term is sooooooo unfair. Or, is it?

War of words before BA and unions hold talks - Times Online 

BA work practices

British Airways faces significant hurdles if it wants to change work practices, as it found this year when it wanted to start a hot-towel service in premium economy.

Bassa, the union that represents cabin crew, said that negotiation was required.

It wanted the number of crew on a Boeing 747 increased from 15 to 16 — at a cost of tens of millions of pounds — in return for distributing the hot towels.

BA refused, claiming that hot towel service did not constitute a significant change in working practices.

The service has been introduced, but BA cabin crew told The Times that many staff still refuse to give out the hot towels because it is not a union-sanctioned activity.


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