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July 08, 2009

Google OS

This is really interesting. The NYT covers the tech story du jour, and what Microsoft had long feared, one suspects, is formally happening. It's war!

The Times writes:

"But while Google has deep pockets and a vast reach, it is in for a difficult battle when it comes to challenging Microsoft in the operating system market. Many companies have tried this over the years, with little success."

Hmm. That was then, right? What about now? Didn't the world change?

If you want to really understand how the ecosytem has shape-shifted, then figure out over the past, say, 5 years in absolute and trending terms:

- what percentage of overall OS share does Apple have
- what percentage of notebook OS share has Apple gained?
- what is the OS penetration on Smartphones? Where's Windows Mobile in all this? Android?
- what percentage of market share has Firefox gained, and which online brand is Firefox's preferred partner? - what about Chrome itself?

But then ponder this, too:

- what an amazing job Microsoft did in turning around their OS share in Netbooks, against what at first appeared to be a Linux tide.
- the investment that Microsoft is making in brand advertising
- the early word on Windows 7 (that runs great on netbooks) is very positive.

This is going to be quite a fight.


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